The long awaited summer vacations are here! Enjoy your holidays! Use this ample opportunity to inculcate good habits, to explore and to create.

● Go for a morning walk regularly.
● Develop love for reading.
● Be polite, respectful and obedient at all times.
● Be eco-friendly and use electricity and water as per the need.
● Parents are requested to kindly guide their wards to complete their holidays homework.

Have a Happy and safe Summer Vacations
Art & Craft

1. Roll No. 1 to 10 – make a chart on fruit.
2. Roll No. 11 to 20 – make a chart on Vegetables.
3. Roll No. 21 to 30 – make a chart on types of food.
4. Roll No. 31 to 40 – make a chart on Animals.
5. Roll No. 41 to 52 – Make a cartoon character with the help of tearing and pasting.


1. Draw a tree. Paste husk (On the trunk) and dry leaves on it. And label its parts in scrab file.
2. Make flash cards of vowels (a, e, I, o, u) with pictures.
3. Paste the pictures of naming words. Example Person, animal, Place, Thing in Scrab file.
4. Junk food is bad for health. Paste any 5 pictures of Junk food with their names in scrab file.


1. Make a table booklet 2 to 12.
2. Write English alphabets a-z and write their related Ordinal number on scrab file.
3. Visit your city garden . Collect different object/leaves etc from the garden. Arrange them Category wise.
a) Long – Short
b) Big – Small
c) Lighter – Heavy
d) More – Less

E.V.S: –

1. Make picture of your summer and winter uniform in your scrab file.
2. Paste the pictures on safety rules in scrab file.
3. Write 5 sense Organs and paste their pictures in scrab file.