The long awaited summer vacations are here! Enjoy your holidays! Use this ample opportunity to inculcate good habits, to explore and to create.

● Go for a morning walk regularly.
● Develop love for reading.
● Be polite, respectful and obedient at all times.
● Be eco-friendly and use electricity and water as per the need.
● Parents are requested to kindly guide their wards to complete their holidays homework.

All the Holidays Homework would be done in Scrape file.

(English + Hindi + G.K) – 1 Scrap file
(Mathematics + E.V.S + M.SC) – 1 Scrap file


1. Imagine it’s your Birthday Party. Invite your friends for the party. Design a healthy menu card avoiding all the junk food with pictures.
2. Make a visit to the park. Write 10 things that you saw there. Paste related pictures.
3. Write few lines on ‘My Mother’ or ‘My School’.
4. Do cursive Writing Pg. 4 to 21.


1. Make a beautiful Table Booklet (2 to 15).
2. Arrange the last three digits of the given phone numbers in ascending order (small to big): –

27139739 47087494 244680518 22459523 27455147 27852369
3. Learn tables 2 to 15.
4. Do Ch.1 Revision Pg 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15, 17

E.V.S: –

1. You eat things with different taste. Name one thing for each i.e. sweet, sow, bitter and salty.
2. Make a first Aid Box and discuss its use in the class.
3. Collect any five wrappers of the healthy food items your mothers buy for the kitchen. Paste them in your scrap file.
4. Read Lesson – 3, 4


1. Draw and Label the various parts of a computer.
2. Revise Current Affairs daily.


1. Make a dustbin /Pencil box out of various waste materials.
2. Saving the environment is the responsibility of each and every citizen. How will you save it? Write 3 to 5 lines on it with the help of pictures.