The long awaited summer vacations are here! Enjoy your holidays! Use this ample opportunity to inculcate good habits, to explore and to create.

● Go for a morning walk regularly.
● Develop love for reading.
● Be polite, respectful and obedient at all times.
● Be eco-friendly and use electricity and water as per the need.
● Parents are requested to kindly guide their wards to complete their holidays homework.

Have a Happy and safe Summer Vacations.
All the Holidays Homework would be done in Scrape file.

(English + Hindi + G.K) – 1 Scrap file
(Mathematics + E.V.S + M.SC) – 1 Scrap file


1. Paste the photograph of APJ Abdul Kalam and write his character sketch. (Scrap File)
2. Paste picture of two Indian astronauts (Kalpana Chawla, Rakesh Sharma) and write few lines about them. (Scrap File)
3. Make a pocket dictionary. Write 2 words with their meanings from each alphabet.
4. Make a mask of your favourite cartoon character and learn 5 lines on it.
5. Cursive Writing – Do Pg 4 to 26 of cursive writing.


1. Learn tables 2 to 20 and make booklet of tables.
2. Write Roman numbers from 1 to 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 using matchsticks. (Scrap File)
3. Copy down the numbers of any 10 vehicles and write their number names. Also arrange the numbers in ascending order.
4. Do Pg – 27, 29, 31, 36, 37, 40, 42, 44, 47, and 48 in Mathematics book.

E.V.S: –

1. Paste picture of different plants and also write its uses. (Scrape File)
2. Make a chart of human body and label different parts of body and write their functions.
3. Paste pictures of Natural and Man-made things and write difference between them. (Scrape File)


1. Make a poster on ‘How to save our environment’
2. Paste pictures of famous historical monuments of India. (Scrape File)


1. Write good habits and paste related pictures. (Scrape File)
2. Write few lines on ‘How can you take care of your grandparents’. (Scrape File)


Make a chart on different parts of a computer.