The long awaited summer vacations are here! Enjoy your holidays! Use this ample opportunity to inculcate good habits, to explore and to create.

● Go for a morning walk regularly.
● Develop love for reading.
● Be polite, respectful and obedient at all times.
● Be eco-friendly and use electricity and water as per the need.
● Parents are requested to kindly guide their wards to complete their holidays homework.

Have a Happy and safe Summer Vacations

1. Prepare a speech on the topic – Advertising is all glitter but little truth.
2. Read any novel/story book of your choice. Make a book jacket. Write its summary. Pick out 15 words, write their meaning and frame sentences.
3. Collect information and write about any two great leaders who believed in non-violence e.g. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi. Write some quotes given by them and their achievements. (Refer to the ch-3 of MCB)
4. Collect ten articles and paste them in the scrapbook. Highlights the difficult words, write their meaning and make sentences with each word.
5. Grammar: Do all the exercises given in the Ch – 1, 2, 3, 7 & 8 in Grammar Book.


1. Make a project on Wireless Communication. The project should contain information about meaning, Long-range wireless networks, short range wireless networks & its technologies used now-a-days.
2. On an A-4 size sheet, write information on the different types of networks.


1. Make a project on Mighty Rulers of India (4-5 A4 sheets).
2. Make a project on Alternative Medicine Practices by pasting pictures and write about it. (2 sheets)
3. Write an article on the topic impossible itself says, “I M Possible”. On A4 size sheet.
4. Think of different social evils you would like to remove from our society. Given one way for each to remove them.


1. Make a small booklet of square and square roots from 30 to 100 & cube and cube roots from 15 to 100.
2. Collect data of weight and heights of 10 students of your class and represent it in the form of:
a) Double bar graph     b) histogram
3. Write all the algebraic identities on an A-3 size sheet (Colorful sheet)
4. Write on any two:
a) Story of Zero     b) Life without mathematics     c) Use of geometry in Life
5. Make a project on:
a) Number patterns     b) Pythagorean triplets


1. Make a project on different types of farming along with that visit a farmland and talk to the farmer to know how they protect the soil from being eroded.
2. Prepare a report on the Causes of Revolt of 1857 and Result of the revolt.
3. On an outline map of India mark 29 states and paste it on A-3 sheet along with that write it’s their capitals with colour box, as done in the notebooks.
4. Write all the Fundamental Rights, Duties and Directive Principles on Rule sheet.


1. Study Biodiversity of near – by park. List the wild and ornamental plants grieving there and prepare a herbarium by collecting them. [Scrapbook]
2. Project on commercial use of microorganism in the field of medicine and food industry.
3. Poster Save Water / Save Earth with slogan.
4. Prepare the compost from your kitchen waste.
5. Do a) Value based questions [Pg 303 in Science book] Q. 1, 2, 3 & 7 b) PSA Q. 1, 2 [pg 306] in H.W N/book.
6. Our government has started ‘Odd Even formula’ scheme to reduce pollution. Write your views regarding this and consequences of this scheme [A4 sheet].


1. अपनी पाठ्य पुस्तक ‘वसुंधरा’ के पाठ 4 से 9 तक पढ़िय!
2. वसुंधरा पाठ 4 से 9 तक शब्दार्थ, अगत शब्द वर्तनी वैमिन्य लिखिए! (अलग कॉपी में प्रश्न 2, 3, 4)
3. आदर्श परीक्षा प्रश्नपत्र इकाई -1 व्याकरण खण्ड लिखिए!
4. भारत के प्रमुख खगोल वै वेगानिको का संक्षिप्त परिचय लिखिए!
5. ‘व्याकरण निपुण’ पाठ 4, 9, 10, 12, 13 अभ्यास कार्य अपनी पाठ्य पुस्तक मे ही कीजिये!

संस्कृत: –

1. संस्कृति पाठ 4 से 8 तक पढ़िय और नई धातुए, शब्दार्थ, संधिविच्छेद, सयोंगयुक्त शब्द, प्रत्यय युक्त शब्द अपनी कक्षा कार्य कॉपी मे लिखिए!
2. संस्कृति पेज 91, 92, 93 भू(भव), स्था(तिष्ट), स्म्र(स्मर), द्रश(पश्य) धातु रूप पांचो लकारों मे अपनी कक्षा कार्य कॉपी मे लिखिए!
3. संस्कृति पेज 80 नदी और साधू रूप अपनी कक्षा कार्य कॉपी मे लिखिए!
4. संस्कृति पाठ-6 सृपधानी के सभी शलोक A-4 size sheet पर लिखिए!
5. संस्कृति पेज-133 से 136 तक एक शब्दकोष तेयार कीजिये!


1. Craft – (a) ‘Grapes’ (With the help of Marbles)
(b) Use project file to make folder with the help of jute.
2. Do Page No – 2,5, 21, 24, 41 and 59 in a Smart Art Book.

NOTE: – Cover your drawing file with Red Colored sheet in a creative manner.