We are living in extraordinary times, where Challenges are manifold and aspirations are high. Now-a-days, education is not considered just as a process of providing knowledge for a future job only but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s life. For achieving this, parents, students and the school authorities work together as a team and complement each other’s efforts.

Tomorrow belongs to the youth of today. It is with this noble aim, my teachers bestow much care and love on the children. They act as guiding force that helps the children to understand the world around them . Parents and teachers are the role models for the children. Parents must ensure that their speech, actions and thoughts are pure so that the children pick up the same divine qualities. The children must get a peaceful, secure and harmonious environment at home.

It is the attitude and life skills that matter even more than academic knowledge in the long run. We, at Jyoti Model School, aim to help each child to provide the best learning experience along with the right knowledge to face the future challenges of 21st Century with confidence. The school is coming up extremely well with both parents, and teachers, efforts and we are proud of the young Jyotians.